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Yoni Soap

100% Natural Herbs Yoni clean Soap V Detox Vaginal Soap  50 g


Ingredients:Glycerol, sorbitol (sugar) alcohol, coconut oil alcohol polyether sulfate sodium, sucrose, stearic acid, water, ethanol, 1, 3-propylene glycol, lauric acid, sodium hydroxide, essence.


Product features: plant essence ingredients, the texture is gentle and skin-friendly, can be used for cleansing or bathing, can clean the dirt in pores, help shrink pores, delicate and tender skin, at the same time can improve rough, dull and other skin problems, after use, the skin moisture and not tight presents a delicate and bright snow muscle.


Usage: After moistening the skin, wet the hands or the net and rub the soap. After making rich foam, gently massage and clean the face or body. Finally, rinse off with water.

Suitable for all types of skin.